Help hope travel full circle

Donate your child’s gently used pediatric medical equipment that he or she no longer needs to another family of a child with special needs.   Give one more child a chance to become stronger, adapt to his or her environment, gain more mobility, communicate better with others,  learn a new skill, or just be young and play.  The equipment that helped your child can be given to another child and you can help hope travel.  To list your child’s gently used equipment, go to: .

Does your child have any unmet medical equipment needs?  There are times when some of the medical equipment that a child with special needs requires or from which he or she would benefit is not covered by insurance.  Also, there are times when the necessary pediatric medical equipment or other adaptive aids and devices are financially outside of the reach of many parents.  On the Wheels Go Round website, parents may search the listings as often as they like for the unmet equipment needs of their child.  We not only let parents list and search our listings for pediatric medical equipment, but also for adaptive toys, educational materials, aids for living, therapy aids (like therapy balls, mats, wedges), etc.  To search our listings, go to:


Every life is a gift. Every child is special.
Help hope travel full circle.  Give one more child a chance.